L’ Apicoltura Izazu di Scanu Antonio is a very young company in the area that produces excellent quality organic honey and honey derivatives also used for personal care, such as propolis and royal jelly. In his work, Scanu Antonio uses the nomadic technique which consists in moving the hives in various territories to follow the natural blooms, and in this way he is able to offer honeys of different types and of excellent quality such as eucalyptus, chestnut and asphodel honey but also products such as Abbamele, a derivative of honey made through a different processtypical of the Sardinian territory.

In 2022 its eucalyptus honey won a golden drop in the national competition “Three drops of gold – Great Honeys of Italy” organized by the National Honey Observatory.


Address: Località Arelò, 08030 Austis (NU)

Telephone: +39 3273264459