Barbagia is the heart of Sardinia, the rugged and most authentic hinterland, the real Sardinia for some. It is a territory characterized by unique traditions and unrivaled natural landscapes. Together with Austis, there are many municipalities that are part of Barbagia and one of the best ways to visit it is to participate in the “Autunno in Barbagia” review. It is a series of events held every weekend in a different municipality from September to December. During the days of Autunno in Barbagia the villages open their doors and their courtyards to visitors who, walking through the streets of the village, come across demonstrations of ancient crafts, art exhibitions, traditional songs and dances, the masks of the Barbagia carnival and of course tastings of typical dishes and local wines.

Within the historic region of Barbagia is Nuoro, the provincial capital, as well as the only city in the Sardinian hinterland. The historic districts of Seuna and Santu Predu are a real gem to be seen strictly by walking with your nose in the air and then dedicating yourself to the city’s museum offer: the Birthplace of Grazia Deledda, the Ciusa Museum dedicated to Sardinian sculptors, the Mann, he most important modern art museum on the island and the Sardinian Costume Museum.

During your trips to Barbagia, the beauty of its villages will enchant you. These are suggestive villages with small historic centers characterized by low granite houses, narrow alleys and green courtyards. Among the best known towns there is certainly Orgosolo, the town of murals, whose walls tell the story of Orgosolo and of all of us. Gavoi, another splendid village characterized by flowered balconies and delicious gastronomic products such as the Fiore Sardo of which it is a Slow Food presidium. And speaking of local products, one cannot fail to mention Oliena, the homeland of Cannonau wine, one of the most loved and well-known wines of Sardinia. Barbagia is also the homeland of the artistic and intellectual soul of Sardinia, in fact great artists such as Grazia Deledda, Costantino Nivola, Salvatore Satta and Francesco Ciusa were born here.

Barbagia is an area rich in testimonies of the Nuragic civilization, which are sometimes hidden in the thickest vegetation while other times not too far from the town centers. This is the case, for example, of the Village-Sanctuary of Abini in Teti, just 6 kilometers away from Austis. Here small bronzes and other priceless finds were found and now kept in the most important archaeological museums in Sardinia. In Barbagia you can visit extremely valuable sanctuaries such as Romanzesu in Bitti, where you will find 3 types of sacred places linked to the cult of water, and the sacred source Su Tempiesu in Orune, one of the few sites on the island to have maintained its original cover intact. For history buffs, a visit to the Tiscali Nuragic Village of Oliena is also a must, as it is the symbol of the mystery and archaic charm of this area.

Precisely because of its wild and hard soul, Barbagia is much loved by hikers and sports tourists thanks to the presence of many naturalistic sites perfect for trekking and walks. The Supramonte area in particular, which with its white peaks and thick dark green vegetation looks like a painting, is a paradise for those who love hiking in close contact with nature. Another very famous attraction is the Su Gologone spring, a karst spring that has given life to a very fresh emerald lake. But in reality, every village in Barbagia is surrounded by nature to be explored following the marked paths that branch off through thick woods, Mediterranean scrub, mountains and rivers. In fact this is the only place in Sardinia where nature is able to satisfy even snow lovers thanks to Punta La Marmora and Bruncu Spina in Fonni, which are the highest peaks of the island and are covered in snow for many months of the year.

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Austis is located in the center of Sardinia about 90 minutes from the main airports and ports of the island.

The village is immersed in a beautiful area, where history is combined with archaic legends. Discover our traditions, genuine flavours, traditional clothes and our most beautiful monuments.

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